Monday, June 5, 2017

I Can't See Clearly!

We had the living room windows replace a couple months ago.  There were a few things that drove this decision.  First of all the windows are 17 years old, contractor quality, and beginning to separate from the frame around the glass (leak).  Additionally, all the windows in the house have been tinted and the tinting is deteriorating to where the glass is lacking clarity.  

The tint has a lifetime guarantee but the company went out of business so that's that.  Anyway, we like the new eee windows in the living room and now we are doing the kitchen.  These 2 rooms are our main rooms to actually look out the windows so they are the most important.  The other will come "in due time".

You can see where I attempted to remove the tinting on the right bottom of door glass.  Do not attempt this at home - trust me.  That stuff is really glued down!

The color on these photos is way off.  I have some pleated shades (cordless) on order to replace the wood blinds.  I think they will work out nicely.

The windows have been on order for a while now so they should be in soon.  It would be nice if they were installed before we went on vacation but I suspect they will call while we are gone to tell us they came in.

We got up at 4:30am to get our long run done before the sun rises and heats things up.  We got 10 miles done before the sun got us.  We ran along Mountain Road so there was additional shade from the mountain.  The last 3 miles were in the sun but it wasn't too bad.  We came home and after showering I had the most wonderful nap!

We bathed the Doods and now are getting ready to give them haircuts.  It is nice to have them real short when we are on vacation.


PS - Damn do I love my new desk!!!

PPS - The sunflower in the background of this blog is actually my sunflower from last year that I named JOY!


  1. Hari OM
    I can only dream of new windows which will properly draft-proof the Hutch... just getting to the new roof stage is still a 'trochle' and if that is achieved I may jump higher than Joy!... can't believe it is all but a year since we finally met in the furs. Golly...
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. We had new window done in the whole house and what a difference!!!!
    When you live at the end of a runway sound proofing is a must

  3. NB,
    Oh do I hear you on old windows. We had 33 yo windows replaced here in 2015. Nothing other than age with them no leaks etc. What we had was double pain as are the new but dang the new ones block out so much more noise. And the new ones fit better around the joints etc
    OH and the new ones flip out for easy cleaning...should anyone so desire to do that. LOL
    I love seeing Joy...she makes me joyful.
    So glad you like your new desk and we are loving your newly invented "More than 10".
    Great run keep it time run for me too
    Hugs HiC

  4. Our windows are old and we have a ton of windows. It'd cost us small fortune to replace them. Yours do look awesome! Love your views!! JOY looks perfect also!!
    Yay for the new desk....glad that you LOVE it!!

    p.s. Love your header stinkin cute!!


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