Sunday, June 4, 2017


So did you notice anything different?  If you didn't, I'll let you notice on your own.  Maybe Diana and HiC influenced me a bit!

Anyway, I have made a change in my desk arrangement.  I used to have this desk, with a hutch attached to the back.  I had a desk riser on top of it so I could use it as a standing desk.  I should have gotten a pic of the whole thing.  It looked quite clunky and the riser took up all my usable space.  It was manually adjustable but it was a hassle.

I bit the bullet and bought a real standing desk, fully adjustable with the touch of a button!  The problem was that there are no drawers.  Apparently I have many treasures in my desk drawers that I simply cannot do without.

So I got this plastic thingie.  It works for the time being.  Bob put up a wall shelf (he made it) so I could put some stuff on it that used to be in the hutch part of the old desk.  Here is the touch button to adjust it.  Once I find settings I like I can program them so I can return to the heights I prefer for various tasks.  The 44.1 is the number of inches of the current adjustment.  It's glowing cuz the room is somewhat dark.

It also has 4 USB charging stations.  I love it.

To dispose of the old desk, we put it in the driveway with a price on it.  It only took 15 minutes before it was sold. This system usually works well for me but this was the fastest response so far lol!

I love my new desk.  It is so easy to go from standing to sitting with just a touch of the button!



  1. What a great new look!! Love your new header!

    Looks like the new desk is really going to work out!!

  2. Hari OM
    Now that is tech worth the having I'd say!!! ...and yes I noticed immediately. It's fab. I also realised that the camera you hold is the same as the Nik, which I had before the Fudge. I still miss it (but don't say that in Fudge's hearing!).
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  3. Ohhhhhh I love your new header your background. Love the new title too...I am 100% sure it does not refer to poundage as you are a runner and in proportion in body and mind! I have serious desk envy!! I love that new desk. Where did you buy/order it?
    Hugs HiC


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