Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Retired, Unretired, Retired Again

 Oh gee, has it been 3 months since I last checked in here?  Oops, my bad!  Anyway, I think everyone knows my cousin & her hubby have been visiting with us from Kentucky.  Although my cousin & I have had a wonderful time catching up, there was one BIG surprise . . . we ran the local Ogden Marathon (half) last Saturday!

They were registered to run it for months.  It was part of the master plan.  Me? Nope, not on my radar at all.  I stopped racing several years ago because it was a lot of money to spend just for someone to hand you water during the race.  Besides I had a PR (personal record) for this race that I knew I couldn't even come close to so there was even less reason to ever run it.

The night before the race, about 7pm. I got a message from a friend who was registered to run it.  Unfortunately, she was injured and that was now money down the drain UNLESS she could find someone who was willing to buy her bib from her last minute.  So the next thing I knew I was setting the alarm for 3:30am to catch a bus to go to the top of the canyon with my relatives.

It was cold waiting for the race start.  I wasn't too uncomfortable because I was wearing Bob's old bathrobe over my warm-up clothes.  On my way to the start line I tossed it in a big donation box.

The official photos haven't come yet but Bob caught this about mile 10 or so.

I was pretty tired, OK, damn tired!  After all, I just ran 13 miles on Monday and no sane 61 year old does that then turns around and races another 13 miles on Saturday!  That's just stupid!  Oh, I mean that's just me ha! ha!  My PR for this race was 5 years ago and was 2:05:53.  So not doing things "right" cost me about 18 minutes.

Had I done a proper taper I could have likely trimmed a few minutes from my time but that's about all. That's OK, I'll take it.  Out of 31 runners in my age class I was #8.  I feel good about that.

OK, going back into retirement . . . 


Sunday, February 19, 2017


I haven't updated in awhile BUT that doesn't mean I've lost track of my goal.  It just means it is slow going.  I'm OK with that.

So this means:

I am only 2.2 pounds away from being within my goal range at Weight Watchers (and will no longer have to pay to attend meetings).  My real (personal) goal is 155 (nude weight) and that is less than 5 pounds away.

And on a totally unrelated note, I sure used a lot of parentheses in that last sentence (is that weird?).


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weight Watchers

Today was my weigh in day.  I ate pretty much what I have been eating all along but the difference was that I was able to get some runs in this week.  The snowy weather has kept our roads icy and severely impacted my running schedule!  It has been a bad winter this year!

I think you all have seen the videos posted on the other blog showing our snow.  And sadly it doesn't look like there's an improvement anytime soon!  Anyway, I was down 2 pounds for a grand total of 9.4 pounds.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weigh In - Week 7

I didn't update last week because there wasn't much to say.  I weighed in (last week) at Weight Watchers and was up 4 tenths.  Not much but still nothing worth writing about.  Today I was down 8 tenths.  It would have been nice if that would have been a whole pound!

Not sure why they always put a Saturday date on it but this happens every week.

Anyway, you can see I am 7 weeks into this and down 7.4 pounds.  That WOULD sound good except that I lost 6 pounds on that first week and it has taken me all these weeks to lose 1.4 more.  But considering there were 2 big holidays and the weather has really jammed up my running schedule I suppose I will be okay with it.  At least I'm headed the right direction and still focused, even if it takes me forever to get there.  I am 5.8 pounds away from not having to pay $10/week* so that is my incentive.

Bob bought several trays of strawberries while he was waiting for me to come out of my Weight Watcher's meeting.  They are quite tasty!

Still plugging along . . . 


* In 5.8 pounds I will officially be within 2 pounds of my goal weight and per Weight Watcher's rules will no longer have to pay to attend meetings.  My personal goal weight is 2 pounds less.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Selfies & Weekly Weigh In

I was playing with my phone this morning, making special effects.

Just having a good ol' time . . .

Down 6 tenths this week.  Not much but down is down.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Week 3 Check In

Ok, I have now attended each of the Weight Watcher's meeting times that could work for my schedule.  And by "schedule" I mostly mean my running schedule which is the #1 priority when scheduling anything.   My plan was to visit each of them and then make my decision as to which one would be my "regular" meeting.

Today's meeting was the same leader as the first meeting I attended.  Ultimately, I'd say either of the two leaders would be fine so that wasn't really a factor.

Since Monday is my long run day, my weight is still "off" by the time the evening meeting rolls around.  Due to dehydration,  I can get a "false low" reading on the scale.  But if that meeting has the best "attendee interaction" I would still choose it.  I sort of assumed this would be the one I would end up with all along but wanted to make a fair assessment.

Tuesday is the meeting for parents to bring their kids with them so that is out.  Wednesday conflicts with my usual running time but could be doable when weather messes with my schedule.

Thursday is a lunchtime meeting, designed for those who work.  My assumption was that these people would interact minimally with one another.  Friday conflicts with my running time unless my run is cancelled due to unpredictable winter weather.  Saturday is Saturday - way too early to roll out of bed for a meeting lol!

The people at the Monday meeting were OK but a bit cliquish.  I assumed that over time it would be a bit more friendly.  I had almost decided not to bother checking the Thursday meeting and just staying with the Monday group.  However, due to the fact WW was closed for the holiday on Monday I was sort of forced to check out the Thursday meeting. I admit my expectations were a bit low for this "working group" at today's meeting.

I was the second person to arrive.  I sat down and started chatting with a lady sitting across from me. I noticed she was a bit more chatty than those I'd encountered at the other meetings.  Then, about 5-10 minutes later, people started flowing in the room.  A lady sat in front of me, turned around and said, "I don't know you but I'm glad you're here!"  Then three other ladies chimed in and they all introduced themselves. Then they started talking and actively included me in the conversation.  Wow, no clique here!

During the course of the meeting they continued with their welcoming attitudes.  By the time the meeting was over they were insisting I pick THIS meeting as my "regular" meeting.  One of them, along with another who had been sitting behind me, came up to me and thanked me for sharing something, saying they really needed to hear it. The meeting was over but about 5-6 ladies were still there chatting with me!

As we finally began to make our way out of the room and towards the door, one of the original ladies re-introduced the group and said if I forgot their names they'd do it again next week.

OMG, these are my people!  I left the meeting feeling really charged up!  They treated me like I was a rock star or something lol!  So from now on (unless my schedule gets messed up) Thursdays will be my weigh in days.

Scale Results:  I was up 6 tenths.  I'm not bothered by it for several reasons.  First, it's only 6 tenths, easily a fluctuation.  Secondly (and more likely), remember what I said about the "false low" from Mondays?  This could have just been a truer weight.

So here are my stats, fully dressed and wearing shoes:

Beginning Weight:  172.2 pounds (78.1 kg.)
Today's Weight:       165.8 pounds (75.2 kg.)
Difference:                - 6.4 pounds   (2.9 kg.)

Today's morning weight (in pj's) was 163.6 pounds (74.2 kg.)

Goal Numbers:  I always consider 155 pounds (70.3 kg.) as my goal weight.  However, Weight Watchers considers 157 (71.2 kg.) as my goal weight and allows me to be 2 pounds over that (159 pounds  - 72.12 kg.) without breaching the terms of my Lifetime Member standing.  Once I get down to 159 pounds (72.12 kg.) I will no longer have to pay any money and can attend all meetings free of charge.  Until that point I pay $10 per meeting.

So . . . I have 6.8 pounds (3.08 kg.) to lose and I will be within my WW goal range (and no longer pay the fee).

I have 10.8 (4.9 kg.) pounds to lose to be at MY goal weight (however, I decided I will go below that as a "safety zone").

Looking at my morning/jammie weight, I have 8.6 pounds (3.9 kg.) to lose.  Kind of confusing isn't it?

 I sure picked the right name for this blog didn't I?

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Week 2

I nearly forgot to update my second weigh in at Weight Watchers.  

I went to the Monday evening meeting.  Next week I'll try out the Thursday afternoon meeting because they will be closed on Monday.  Then I will have attended each of the 3 weekly meetings so I will decide which one will be my "usual".

Anyway, I didn't expect too much since the first week was a bit of a whopper (6 pounds).  I was down 1 pound. I'm totally okay with that.