Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mission Accomplished!

After having to postpone several times because of weather (high winds) we finally were able to head to Bear Lake for our bike ride around the lake.  It's just over 50 miles, across the Utah/Idaho border.  It would be our farthest ride ever!  Our friend Mary was with us.  She often accompanies us on the longer rides.  Mary bought her bike about a month before we bought ours.  Actually, she was the one who told me to spend some extra money and get a bike I would actually ride.  She was right!

I didn't get many photos of the lake itself.  It is a beautiful blue lake (caused by algae).  It's a really hot spot for the summer months so we intentionally waited until after Labor Day, then ultimately planned it for a weekday.

I couldn't get close enough to this Shoe House to really show you that it's in the shape of a shoe.  It has been around for several decades that I know of.  If you Google Bear Lake Shoe House there are other photos.

This is a great place for old houses.  I have a thing about old houses and snapped a few photos.  I didn't want to keep stopping for photos as the weather forecast was that in the afternoon the winds were supposed to kick up so I didn't want to cause us to have to ride against a strong headwind.  Can you see the Black Angus to the left of the house?

I have certain "rules" for my old houses.  I like the wooden ones, paint stripped off by age, and mostly intact.  Having windows and curtains are a bonus find!

Due to road construction, they turned us back just past the halfway point.  So I guess next fall we'll shoot for a true loop around the whole lake.  But as for the distance . . . 

Yup, mission accomplished!


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Millie Supports Emergence Responders

Yup, still doing the bike thing.  Now that the 1,000 mile goal is completed, we're working on a 50 mile ride - a Half Century.  The plan was for Saturday, then moved to Sunday due to weather (high winds).  Now, the plan is for Wednesday.  Wish us luck!

Yeah, he had to hug Millie!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Millie About Town

This is similar to a smaller Viet Nam Wall except it is for firefighters killed in the line of duty.  There is a panel for every state.

A local pioneer.

Millie was feeling musical.

 Millie racing a train.

Millie stopping a train.

Millie pretending to be a crossing guard.

Taking a photo of Millie & me in the reflection of a window.

Millie was thinking about ordering some fries.

This week I am working on breaking the 100-miles-in-a-week goal.  I am doing really well so far.  


Thursday, August 9, 2018

More Millie

I don't know why I enjoy taking photos of my bike but for some reason I do.  We'll be riding along and I'll see something that captures my interest and I holler to hubby to "pull over".  I'm from northern Indiana and we have quite a few Amish in the area so anything Amish usually intrigues me.

A constant problem between bikers and drivers - Share The Road!  We try to be as courteous to drivers as possible, riding as far off to the right side as we are able.  Unfortunately, sometimes that shoulder area is full of broken glass and other debris.  I won't ride through that mess!

The west is on fire nearly every summer but this year California is having it worse than ever.  We have some fires in Utah (seven I think) but most of our smoke-filled air is coming in from California.  On the day I took this photo it was the first time in a long time that the air was clean.  Part of it was due to elevation and the other part was due to a shift in wind patterns.

Even though we are in the upper 90's more often than not, we are still running 2 days a week (three days is normal for us) and riding bikes another 2-3 days.  Once it cools off we'll be able to resume our 3rd running day and ride bikes in the afternoons.  When we run or bike we end up having to get up between 4:45am and 6:00am.  Once the sun is up it starts heating up quickly.

I still haven't lost any weight (actually gained a couple pounds) but I am having fun!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

Millie & The Old Woman

My enjoyment of Millie continues as I progress closer and closer to my 1,000 miles by end of summer goal. 

Today we braved the smoky air and went for a ride with our friend Mary.  

We went 40.25 miles by the time we were finished.  During the ride we ran into another friend of ours who was running.  He is an avid biker who probably rides 1,000 miles in a month since he commutes back and forth to work on his bike.

He was trying to talk us into doing a "Fall 50" group ride.  Yes, that's 50 miles (he later corrected that it might be 55)!

I don't know, that kinda scares me cuz he is a much higher caliper rider and it could potentially kill me - I'm an old woman you know!