Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Bryce Canyon BAR 2019

The first BAR (Blogville Awesome Retreat) happened in Indiana.  The following year we met at a mini-BAR in Oregon.  The next year it was just 2 of us in Northern California.  This year it was 4 couples in Utah at Bryce Canyon.  I share the following photos with you...

Stanley is on the way!  He and Murphy are "easy riders".

The Get-To-Know-You pen at Mabel's place.  

K10 (Hailey & Phod) at the fire.

Always lots to look at whether you're at Red Canyon or Bryce Canyon.

The shuttle bus is the way to go in National Parks!

Everyone who goes to Bryce ends up a tree sniffer!

Yup, the view is that great!

 Jakey & Rosy with Murphy & Stanley

Mabel, Arty, Jakey, Rosy, Murphy & Stanley

 As we were lining up all 6 dogs for a photo in front of the rim, this Asian lady decided to photo bomb us!

Murphy & Stanley were happy to share their canyon with friends!

The ladies of the BAR.

The men of BAR.

Every evening we gathered at Mabel's place (the pawty house) around the firepit.  It got REALLY cold at night.

Blogville Mayor Arty looked cool in his shades.

But is the trail REALLY closed? (Answer, yes it is!)

We hope we will see more faces at BAR 2020!