Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Still On Track

I'm still counting calories.  This morning I planned out my "eating day" (with the exception of supper).  It has been raining so I know steps will be harder today.  Since yesterday was my long run and I am still playing games with this hamstring, I'm not real motivated to follow a hard day with another hard day.  And I do have another run tomorrow.  But if the weather clears up I would like to take the boys for a walk.  I'll see what the day brings.

I am continuing with my Operation Reduction.  Today it was 3 pair of 54" sheers.  They are lace sheers and I love them but the reality is I have no windows that will fit that length.  So, out they must go!

The day finished out with a small calorie deficit. BUT at least it was a deficit!  I ate 1,343 and burned 1,662.  Now today (Wednesday) is a running day so my deficit should be better.  I continue to weigh and track all foods.

Today's Operation Reduction:

I love this rocker but there isn't room for it so it hasn't been used in ages.  So out it goes!

Even though the day isn't finished, I have a good calorie deficit.  So that makes 3 deficit days in a row.  Hopefully I'm on a roll!

Stand by . . . in process . . .


  1. Hari OM
    Keeping on the right side of the figures is always a plus... oohh a rocker; had one of those for a long time. Somehow grew out of it. Keep it going!!!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. WooHoo, well done, wish my fitbit looked like that!!!!
    Oh and I agree with Aunty Yam, I luffs the rocker!

  3. That is a great rocker. I don't own a rocker, and I wish I did. Congrats on staying on track!

  4. Good job. Keep up the calorie counting but wheres the pics?
    I have a rocker and love it!!!


  5. Good job. I don't have a smart phone (have no desire for more electronic things to keep up with) so I don't have the fitbit thing, but I DO have an old fashioned pedometer. I need to up my steps but I'm doing more weight resistance training and hitting the pool when I can.


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