Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pain In The Butt

Just a quick update.  Here are my weights for the week since I have been counting calories:

Mon:  165 - Starting weight
Tue:   165
Wed:  163.2
Thu:   162.6
Fri:     162.6
Sat:     162.6
Sun:    161.8
Mon:   163 (Murphy's Law, it jumped up.)

So I've lost something.  I have had some sort of a calorie deficit every day, just some more than others.  Still plugging along.

I went to physical therapy yesterday and it appears the source of my problem is not the hamstring itself but the bursa sac that is between the hamstring tendon and the bone.  Yup, bursitis of the butt! I have a very flat butt so this is always a challenge for me, can't sit on really hard chairs, etc.  This makes traveling literally a pain in the butt as was evidenced on our recent Bryce trip.  It was also an issue on our Oregon trip but I kept hoping it would "go away".  I am going back to PT tomorrow and then I will probably go to see my doctor about getting it injected (cortisone).  We are making plans for another trip and it would involve sitting even longer. What a pain in the butt!

Here is a short video explaining the situation and why I thought it was my hamstring HERE.


  1. Murphy ('s Law) needs to be kinder to Murphy's adoring mom!!
    We hope and purr your PT will help bunches!
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. Hari OM
    Bummer... On both counts....
    Flippancy aside, I can totally 'feel' ya, my left hip was the first affected with the rheumatoid 40 years ago and sitting, or standing static, since then has been a real pain in the butt. Cortisone is not for me, but I am sure you would find it beneficial, as have many many others. As long as the average for the week is dropping by two pounds each week, all is good!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  3. Ouch!! Hope the injection works.....i HATE injections and pass on them. I have a flat butt too.....maybe we are twins seperated at birth lol


  4. And.....btw how did you loose those lbs in 1 week? And......I remember someone telling me....
    Its not good to weigh everyday!!!


  5. Two pounds in a week is good! Tomorrow is a lunch out near home where I will telework with some professional friends. It likely won't be anything low cal but I'm going to ask for the to go box up front and put 2/3 of it out of sight before I start eating.

    Hope that helps.


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