Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bad Night & Missed Run Wednesday

Last night was a miserable night!  My arm got worse and worse until it affected my shoulder as well! It was a throbbing, intense pain.  I couldn't believe it! After trying to find a comfortable position (and I have an adjustable bed with memory foam mattress so I really tried), I finally gave up and took a pain pill.  This morning it was a bit better but I still had trouble moving it so I didn't go running.  I hate missing my runs!

Luckily, as the day wore on, mobility was starting to return to the joint and the pain began to subside. At this point (if it isn't raining) I may see if I can get my run in before bedtime.  Despite having a semi-crappy day, I didn't use it as an excuse to overeat.  I opened the Beck book again.  She suggests I come up with a 5-pound loss reward.  I can't think of a thing!

Anyway, breakfast and lunch were the usual and here is supper.  I thought it looked really pretty! With the exception of sprinkled shredded cheese it is all veggies.



  1. Hope that arm feels better. Veggies are great.
    Maybe a shopping spree for a reward.


  2. and....very colorful!!! :-)


  3. Hope you arm gets better real soon
    Back at work this week and my step count has shot up already. How can that be, I've just been on a dog walking holiday!?!

  4. Hari OM
    Very pretty indeed! Crikey, that must have been an intra-muscular jab then? I still have a miss-shapen left deltoid from one such given in my teens!!! Hope it eases off fast now. And that you get your run in.
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  5. Very pretty and very colorful...and a little cheese never hurt. You just don't want to go gnawing on the while block! - Amanda

  6. That is one beautiful looking meal.
    I hope the arm feels better.
    Working in the behaviour change field, I know that people often get stuck on the reward. First, as adults we generally do exactly what we want all the time so we have free access to everything (way easier to control in kids). Secondly, a lot of the rewards we think we need are food or expensive. Sometimes we just don't think we deserve something too.

    I say look at your life and look for even a smaller thing you can control. Maybe there is a song you have wanted from iTunes, or a movie you have wanted to watch, or maybe there is another book you have wanted to order or maybe you want a pedicure. Whatever you pick will be fine, just make sure you can't access it until you meet your goal. I love the visuals, so creating yourself a "first-then" board may be helpful! Let me know if you need more help with picking your reward. I spend hours every week helping others pick theirs:)

  7. Yummmy salad!! We are so glad your arm is getting better. I for sure understand
    Hugs Cecilia


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