Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Doctor Visit

I'll start off with a peak at the photo I took last evening off our deck.  The sky was very colorful!  I sent it to the local television news station and they aired it on the news last night!

So today was the doctor's appointment.  My weight was up 5 pounds from last year. (Gee, only 5?)  I checked my pulse and oxygen levels with the app on my phone against the nurse's readings and it was very accurate - surprise!   The doctor came into the exam room very quickly.  My total wait time was about 1 minute!

We discussed my numbers from my recent lab work.  The doctor said she was not concerned at all.  She said my "high" cholesterol was so good that it was misleading.

I explained how I was concerned about my increased triglycerides.  She wasn't too concerned about this either, saying that I was in excellent health because I am active, at a good weight, etc.  I responded to her with, "What do you know, you're only a physician."  We both laughed over that one.

 I told her my thumb hurt.

She checked me over for the usual stuff (heart, lungs, etc.).  We talked about my acid reflux (trying a different pill) and I got a pneumonia vaccination (my shoulder is killing me right now).  She is also a runner so we chatted about that a few minutes too.  I'm not sure at what point I would have stuck my tongue out at her but I suppose photos don't lie.

I always feel good after my doctor appointments (note shoulder exception).  She is usually impressed with my stats and shares that with me freely.  Despite my concerns about weight and cholesterol issues she puts them in perspective with my total health.

After I left the doctor's office I needed to fill the prescriptions.  It was lunchtime so we stopped at Subway and I had a veggie sandwich.  I read a couple pages of the Beck book last night so maybe something rubbed off.  I can hope eh?


  1. Glad you got a clean bill of health at the doctor. Being healthy overall is more important than a number on a scale.

  2. Hari OM
    I never doubted it...&*> onwards from here.
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  3. Great Photo. It is so nice that you like your Dr. and have a good relationship. My Dr. always keeps me waiting, even if I'm the first patient. You look like you are in fabulous shape, that 5 lbs is probably all muscle. Keep up the good work.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. Ma only started running in January (so the going is slow). She feels healthier but wishes she would lose a pound or two!!! It's not happening though. Glad for your clean bill of health!

  5. Great Doc visit!! Clapping Wildly for you.
    Oh my gosh I got the pneumonia shot last year. It was giving higher (I thought) than most shots..almost right on the edge of my shoulder. It hurt for a week. I thought the shots went in the muscle that one went in the bone and I think came out my arm pit.
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. That's a good visit. That is one reason why i dont
    get shots!! Lol



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