Thursday, June 11, 2015


I didn't sleep well last night.  With all the excitement of FINALLY getting the dog park open and having it go so well I guess my brain just didn't want to shut off.  Now the focus will be on getting ready to go on vacation in just under a week.  But for now, the usual . . .

YAM, yesterday's portabello is actually a mushroom.  I am wondering if they don't have Portobello mushrooms in Scotland?  They are very common here, especially in vegetarian dishes.  Julie, are you officially "on plan" now?  I hope your back is letting you get back to running!

Ran errands this morning.  Stopped by Costco to get the tires rotated before our trip.  That's a guacamole & chip sample.

 Usual lunch . . . 

Coffee Break

Shredded wheat for supper.

Ut oh, old munchie habits!  I brushed my teeth and now I an DONE!

That's a wrap!


  1. Hari OM
    oohhh do I spy walnuts? ... ahhhhh.... now I gotchya... the name is not commonly used; rather they are marketed as 'field mushrooms' which is a total nonsense of course... it didn't click for that reason and also because mushrooms are tamasic food and I haven't eaten one in well over 15 years! (at least not willingly or to my knowledge...)

    The park opening certainly was a major event, truly exciting, so am not at all surprised the adrenalin was pumping! Glad to hear you got your holiday booked. I have to admit, when I travel, things can go awfully awry in the diet......
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  2. Shredded wheat, gosh, I haven't had that for years and I used to love it!
    We're off to Costco this weekend, I love that shop, always come home with far more that we intend and then have to find somewhere to store it all!

  3. Love the walnuts too. I'm always good for 4-5 lbs on vacation....unfortunately!!! Congrats on the success of the dog park



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