Friday, June 12, 2015


It's our running day with the Doods.  It was warm and we had to walk them through a lot of puddles!

Whoever said that exercise diminished appetite needs to come to talk to me cuz my appetite did NOT get that memo!

Lunch is the usual.

By suppertime I just wanted to grab something quick as the day was getting away from me.  Veggie corn dogs & last of the leftover Butternut Squash stuff.

Killed off the Buckwheat bread.

That's a wrap . . . I hope!  Tomorrow is going to be tough.  It will be our first day EVER to be away from the Doods all day.  We'll be sitting at a table at an event trying to get folks interested in signing up for our benefit race in the fall.

Damn . . . I'm weak . . . 


  1. Hari Om
    Crikey - a whole day??? You need stamina for that. Peanuts help....
    Eyes-on...YAM xxx

  2. Exercise does reduce Mike's appetite but has the opposite effect on mine!
    I need him to be on a diet with me as my conscience!

  3. HEy!! Looks like you are a creature of Habit!!! really LOL-ing
    Nuts for the just saying!!



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