Thursday, June 21, 2018

Riding the Redwoods

I have to admit that it is even surprising me how much I am enjoying biking.  (And for the record, it is NOT a replacement for running.)  Having a better quality bike really is making a huge difference.  As most of you know, we just got back from our NORCAL (Northern California) vacation.  One of the things we did was ride along the "Avenue of the Giants".

This really is an amazing place.  We first went there 15 years ago while training for a marathon and needed to run a 20 miler.  Thanks to so many HUGE redwoods, it is cool and shady.  At a low elevation, it makes breathing easier.  I joked that with all those trees you don't even need to inhale, the oxygen just jumps into your lungs.

However, it wasn't as flat as my mind remembered it.  The incline was just over 1400 feet.  But the flat parts are really flat.

We weren't really dressed for a cool, breezy day and by the end of our ride our fingers were really cold! I told hubby it felt like Autumn!

We rode 38.81 miles.  I really wanted more but with the wind I was pretty much done by that point.

It was fun riding through such a scenic place.  I think I am going to try to ride 1,000 miles before the end of summer.  Right now I am at 324.7 miles.



  1. Hari om
    You look the part, that's for sure! Remembering my cycling days fondly. YAM xx

  2. So glad you found a new love and shared those amazing trees with us!

  3. What a beautiful ride that must have been. I think it's great you discovered biking!

  4. oh hay wow those ar sum jinormus trees for shoor!!! i cud pee on those for like a yeer and not hav them fully markd up with peemail!!! and also wow that is a verry verry long bike ride among the verry verry long trees!!! ok bye

  5. I would love to see the big trees someday!! Very pretty


  6. Oh my cats does Lila know you plan to put 1,000 miles on her?
    What a beautiful place to ride
    Hugs HiC


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