Saturday, September 23, 2017

Talkin' Trash

The soil at our house is really bad.  So when Hubby built my garden box last spring, we filled it with compost and topsoil.  I took the extra compost and put it in my front yard gardens where I grow my sunflowers.  After seeing how the compost really fed the plants and made them grow like crazy,  I decided I would like to continue to improve the soil.  Oh, and there's always the "good for the earth" component too.  

Here is my cute countertop compost pail.  It works very well, is convenient, and charcoal filters eliminate all odors.

And then when it fills up I put it in the outside bin.  I have been putting in a mix of greens and browns.  I almost have 1 compartment filled up (it has two).  I can't wait to see my first load of black gold!



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