Monday, December 5, 2016

My F'in Alex

I've enjoyed hearing about the success that K10 and Lin have been having with their trainers.  Despite K10's attitude at the beginning, she's emerged on the other side as a wonderful success story.  Her Farewell to Spanx really got to me.  I laughed. I was happy for her. And then I became jealous. 

You see, all the while they were enjoying the wonderful changes in their bodies, I became a living Facebook meme.  You've probably seen it . . .

Serious grammar error!

Yup, it finally happened . . . I am officially up 15 pounds!  

Hitting 170 is where the alarms go off. Alert! Alert! Danger Will Robinson! It's where I have to stop whining about it and actually DO something! It's a very dangerous place to be! 

I thought about joining a gym.  I have access to a state of the art gym at the air force base but let's face it, it's 25 miles away and I'm not going to make the drive very often.  Then I thought of a nearby Planet Fitness.  But I didn't think they had "real" trainers to work with me one-on-one like F'in Alex and K10.  So then I thought about VASA.  I know they have "real" trainers.  Nah! I am who I am.  I'm a runner not an exerciser.

But the bottom line is IF I got myself to ever go I know I would not keep it up.  Why start something I'm not going to follow through?  I mean it's not like I'm sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day. OK, maybe some days I am BUT there are other days I am out there hitting the pavement.  It takes a little bit of fitness to run 13 miles at a whack doesn't it?  So even though I need to do some upper body weight work, my problem isn't going to be solved at the gym.  Nope, not all all.

My problem is right where it has always been . . . in the kitchen!

So despite the fact I "already paid for these pounds" (several times over), I decided I was going to have to pay for them again.  So my F'in Alex is . . . 

I'm a Lifetime member with a lifetime problem.

Here we go . . . 



  1. Hari Om
    Okay. I've got
    Eyes-on... &*> YAM xx

    (seriously, you can do it Carol!)

  2. We'll be cheering you on. My probably is I can stay within all my points - only to realize it's only 10 a.m. but my daughter swears by it.

  3. If this doesn't work, you can always add a trainer. My sister has had wonderful success with it. Fingers crossed! Cheering in your corner!

    1. F'in Alex enjoyed this - he said it isn't going to his head, he is just happy to be helping to motivate people to be healthier. (That kind of makes him sound like a nice guy . . . . I think he may be - if I had met him in another place!)


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