Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I haven't forgotten about this blog.  I continue with my Operation Reduction.  Yesterday was a queen sized mattress cover.  It is a really nice mattress cover but the only queen sized bed we have is in the trailer and we have a waterproof cover for that mattress.  With 2 boys sleeping on the bed it's the only way to go (proven by Murphy who puked on the bed last night).  So there was no reason to keep it.

Today I ran across a few odds and ends but just pitched them without any fanfare (or photos).  As for the eating, when I get back from Bryce Canyon I think I am going to have to start counting calories.  It is my only hope for making any progress.  Hopefully I'll get enough hiking in to offset the ice cream we packed in the freezer in the trailer.  I MUST lose 10 pounds before BAR in June!  If I didn't, Diana would never let me live it down!  Until then . . . 

In Progress . . . 


  1. Emptying out the condo that has been my home away from home for a while while I worked after we got married, I got rid of a LOT of stuff, things we already have, things that don't fit, and things I don't need. There was still the furniture, which we don't need, and which still is nice, plus some decorative items to go with and a beautiful area rug, TV and all that kind of stuff. I checked with church family down here, no one needed a whole house worth of stuff. But my hairdresser and her husband did, after losing everything in a disaster beyond their own doing. She said she wasn't sure she could afford it all and I said - the cost is a bottle of Irish Whiskey and the promise that when you're old like me, you'll help out someone else in need.

    We both cried. There's a lot of memories in that furniture, all the pictures of Barkley and Abby lounging on it, my adopted daughter, the first time I met her when she was a college student, I'm glad it's going to a home with humans and pets and someday perhaps, children, to make more memories.

  2. Isn't is funny the things we keep that we don't need? Good luck with your calorie counting!

  3. Hari OM
    'Stuff' just arrives and often we can't quite pinpoint why or from where... then comes the time of releasing it. You are doing real well I reckon........ hope Murphy doesn't make a habit of barfing on the bed though!!!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  4. Thats right there Missy...You gotta loose that 10 lbs. If I loose 80 and you nothing....Oh boy!!! lol
    Have a fun vacation and enjoy that ice cream while you can...just sayin....



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