Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This was actually from yesterday but I didn't get around to posting it:

I didn't sit down to the computer because I was aggravated.  There are a couple of people who are mad at the city for other reasons and are taking it out on the dog park.  One person posted that she was angry that we were over budget and the city had to bail us out.  The truth is that we have just over $3,000 that we haven't even made plans to spend! Not sure where she is getting her false information information.  Oh wait, it isn't false it's a downright lie!

Then she said she wants a detail of exactly what was spent and where it was spent.  Well, she can request that from the city's Finance Department anytime but why is she posting it on our Dog Park Page?  Anyway, I was spitting nails.

One of our councilmen called me yesterday morning and reassured me that the city council and mayor knows these people are just trying to cause problems and not to worry about it.  But still it makes me angry because later, near evening, the comments stirred up another person who jumped on board with it.  I have not answered these comments.  The councilman who called me has jumped in and corrected every bit of her incorrect information. I was glad for that but the whole thing is really aggravating.  He messaged me later on (basically to say "chillax") so that was nice of him.

Anyway, my weight is up 2 pounds.  OK, carry on . . .


  1. Stress can have a wonderful effect on your weight so I'm blaming those 'less than well informed' folks for the two pounds! Some people just love a good moan, don't whatever you do allowed them headspace, put their unpleasantness into a box, put the box in the cellar, out of the way and forget about them. Think instead of the kind councilman who shoo'd them into the box for you!

  2. Hari OM
    Julie is so right - though it is certainly easy to understand the agitation this must be causing you. You have worked so hard to gain this facility. However, if one may for a moment be permitted to talk in philosophical terms - the releasing you have have been so successfully managing with the physical goods of your home, is now necessary with the 'mental goods'; the mind is emotional. The intellect must take hold and see that these troublesome words are just objects to be rejected - which brings us back to the box in the cellar... though, given recent intentions, perhaps the junkyard would be the better storage place. Cellars have a habit of needing decluttering eventually.

    That all said... hugs and empathy here. Write a stinky letter with all that you are feeling - then burn it. It's a wonderful exercise!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  3. Carol I am so sorry...all that hard work. As YOU well KNOW it only takes one BAD apple to spoil the barrel and unfortunately there are so many idiots who are unhappy with their own lives so they like to make everyone else suffer too.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Hi Carol, You know that is stress gain I hope. I'm sorry you are getting the complaints; you volunteered for this and are not an employee of your city. Shame on those people. I say Great job!!!! Sending you big hugs!

  5. People just can make life more challenging than it needs to be. Breathe! I hope it works out.


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