Saturday, August 15, 2015


The pound that mysteriously appears on the scale yesterday was gone today - whew!

YAM, you pointed out some very valid points on the banana -vs- granola thing but it was missing one piece of data . . . I'm in the mood for granola lol!  If I wasn't posting photos I probably would have just added the granola to my menu instead of replacing the banana.  So calorie wise although I have increased the count, I still made a better decision than I would have if no one was watching.  I will reassess after the Costco granola is gone (which will hopefully take a while since it is two really big bags).  See, this is why it takes me forever to make any progress. 

Last night because something ate a chunk out of one of my big tomatoes, I picked my giant one for fear something else would get to it.  It weighed 1.25 pounds!  I sliced it up and 1 slice covered the whole sandwich!  It was the most delicious tomato I have ever had! 


After lunch we went to Bear Lake.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures.  But it is a beautifully blue lake.  We were surprised at how many people were there.  The beaches were full. I wanted to get some photos of the lake but there wasn't a good access that worked well for photo taking.  So we continued on thinking I could get some old house photos.  Nope, nothing there either.  We stopped for ice cream (Bear Lake is famous for it) and I had a shake in a waffle cone.  I never had a shake in a cone before.  Surprisingly it worked out and I think it was less ice cream.

I had my Nikon with me and I wanted to get some good photos of an old church I had seen several years ago but couldn't find it.  This was taken with a cell phone in 2009.

Supper was a salad (tomato & cukes from "garden"), cantaloupe and cottage cheese.

And evening snack is the aforementioned granola and cheese stick.



  1. The church is beautiful. I HATE tomatoes. Don't ask me why. As a child my Mom would scold and please and beg, and even put sugar on them and I would NOT eat one. I like tomato sauce, pasta and pizza sauce and even Bruschetta (warm). I just can't do COLD tomatoes. But my Dad would be drooling over your sandwich.

    Cottage Cheese looks good. I need to get some to add to the berries I bought today

  2. Oh I LOVE tomatoes and love them on a sandwich too. For even less calories...they are good on large pieces of lettuce...Im just saying?? Wink wink
    The church building is very pretty. Think of what a cool house that it would be??


  3. Hari OM
    That is what we would call 'beefsteak' tom in OZ... yummers... the old church is so handsome, what a shame left to wither like that...

    As to your rationale nana v granola... fair enough!!! &*<>
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  4. The church is so beautiful. It should be restored.
    Glad the pound disappeared!


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