Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Already?

I fluctuated up a pound today - drats! It was really warm when we awoke this morning so we only ran 4 miles.  The Doods were with us and we pay close attention to them so they don't get too hot.  At 4 miles they were feeling pretty toasty so we shut it down!

Our high today is 97 degrees (36 C).  I nearly forgot to take the lunch photo.

So far I haven't done anything towards the yard sale (YAM, sometime in September.  If I committed to a date I might actually accomplish something).  But the day isn't over so there's always hope lol!  I spent most of the day doing chores & duties.  And of course this included a trip to Costco.

BTW, Lin, thanks for your sweet offer to send some of Dave's Killer Bread but this breadaholic should avoid exposure to another bread that I would likely love.

I picked up some granola at Costco.  You may have noticed my evening snack lately is granola and a piece of cheese.  I just have to make sure I don't get carried away with the granola (since it is 210 calories)!  It is my effort to cut back on my banana consumption.  I joke that my motto is that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess.  Unfortunately there may be just a little bit too much truth to that!

Shoot, I just mentioned cutting back on bananas and I had one for afternoon coffeebreak!  That is my cell phone in the photo (it was upgrading Android so I had to use hubby's to take the pic). Anyway, that is the case I really like with the S-View window.  This photo doesn't demonstrate how nice it is but I really like that case (very protective) and you can do all phone functions without opening the case.

Supper was a mishmash of cantaloupe, 112 grams cottage cheese and 1/4 cup baked beans.  

And snack . . .

The END!


  1. Oh...those bananas...Im just sayin....LOL
    Id love to come help you with the garage sale....I LOVE garage sales...*sigh*


  2. Hari OM
    Yes, was thinking a dead'lion' would be a good motivator for moving stuffs into the yard... am wondering at the banana substitution rationale, as a standard nana would be not more than 120cals...versus the 210 you say Granola has (assume that is per 100gm)... not to mention the bio-available potassium and manganese in a banana, which for runners in particular is important.... jus' wondrin' I said...&*>
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  3. Purrsonally we think you eat very healthy and are very proud of you.
    Doodz we didn't realize it got THAT hot in UTAH!!
    hugs madi and cecilia

  4. We are working hard to eat healthier here, it is hard. Good for you for keeping at it!

  5. Good of you to come back in when it got hot. I try and walk Abby in the grassy areas around the condo complex as the asphalt gets so hot. We're staying in and cool before we go back on call tomorrow evening.

    I LOVE baked beans. The Brits Store in Lawrence Kansas sent me a whole case of the English ones, which I'll have on my toast for breakfast.


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