Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It started out good enough . . .

I was really hungry all morning but I resisted snacking and made it successfully to lunch . . .

And then things went to hell.  I took a picture of the donut I ate but for some reason it isn't on my phone so I grabbed this off the Internet.  It really doesn't represent the donut cuz the one I ate had thick frosting and was filled.  First, I do not like frosting and I ate it anyway.  It didn't taste good either.  And I do not like filled pastry and this was no exception.  Why the hell did I eat this whole thing?  It left a nasty taste in my mouth from all that frosting.

 So since I could not stop tasting the donut I ate something else to get rid of the taste.

It worked.  So the day was not a total loss.  Or so I told myself.  

So then I made the crustless pizza Diana talked about a couple weeks ago.  I topped it with mushrooms and tomato.  It was good but I have to admit this breadaholic missed the bread crust.  The other thing was that I made it in a cake pan (my cookie sheet was too big but in hindsight I should have used it anyway cuz it was only a little too big).  This didn't work out well.  I didn't want to cut it in the pan cuz I didn't want to scratch my pan and the toppings ended up sliding off the "crust" and things got a bit messy.  

I know I ate way too many calories today (I ate more pizza than is shown).  I'm in a throw in the towel mood now. Damn that nasty tasting donut!  OK, against my better sense I am just going to give up and start fresh tomorrow.  I officially declare this day a fiasco!


  1. Today was like that here, today with some "I totally worked through lunch" going on followed by fast food lunch (while my healthy packed lunch lay in the fridge - unwanted like the last crispy creme donuts at 4 pm).

  2. Hari OM
    Hmmmmm... seems Monday-itis has hit here and at LBJ's place; as you say, set it behind you. It is an interesting phenomenon that when we are supposed to be 'being good', that a fall will often be towards something we would never normally contemplate. I think the trick is to be alert to the likelihood that 'this is the day to release it' and simply go back to what would be our normal diet, thus avoiding absolute crashes. Hope you find tomorrow is a better day!
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  3. Donuts, yum, yum , drool!!! Oh, no wait a minute, thats Leah not me......er, no, it is me, sorry about the drool!
    You have to have a treat now and again, as long as its not every day, don't beat yourself up about it

  4. I had a bad day yesterday myself . . . there were gluten free cupcakes at work . . . and then it was hot and I had ice cream. Sometimes we all "fall off the wagon" so to speak, but instead of beating ourselves up, we need to look and move forward!


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