Friday, July 17, 2015

BOOB Results!

As you probably already know, yesterday was the Great B*O*O*B* Challenge between Diana (Oreo's mom) and me.

So of course the first thing I had to do was start with a little smack talking so I sent her off a text first thing in the morning.

We'd been talking trash for a bit so it was fun.  You probably know I am a distance runner.  But for this challenge it was agreed I would not run.  I knew this would be a close competition because even though Diana is sort of new to her more active lifestyle, she has it burning in her heart.  And strong legs will often fail against a burning heart!  I decided my best option was to go for a long bike ride (despite the fact it was the first time in a year) and then top it off "as needed" with walking.

I have a comfort bike.  Hubby went with me.

We rode our bikes for the length of the river parkway and then back.  I wore a GPS so it would calculate my calorie burn and distance.  Even though we both have Fitbits, they only measure steps.  I had to enter the data manually for a bike ride.  (BTW, this is not the same one I use for running.)

 That was a lot of miles for my first bike ride and when I finished my legs felt like noodles (and my butt had no feeling despite wearing bike shorts).  So I went home and showered.  Then I walked into town from our house.  Hubby wanted to go to the store so I said I would start walking and eventually he could come and pick me up.  That way I didn't have to walk back up the hill.  After all, it was sunny and in the low 90's.  These photos were taken on the drive home to show you it is a long incline to our house.  The photos don't do the incline justice.

We live on the bench.

There are a few curves in the road (not shown).  There's about a 1,000 ft. difference between our house and town.

It isn't unusual for us to get snow and it to be raining in town.

It is a steady incline.  I've walked it MANY times but cannot do it on a bike, especially a comfort bike.
After that, I checked to see where Diana was on her steps and we were neck and neck.  Dang!  She was determined!  So for the rest of the day we both were able to see what the other was doing by checking our Fitbits.  As she was walking all over her house I was doing the same.  We were both wishing the other would just STOP!  I forgot to do a screen grab yesterday but this gives you an idea what it looked like while we were doing it.

And this is the information the Fitbit gave me when I went to bed.  Note the miles did not include the bike ride, just the steps.

It was a lot of fun but my legs really felt flat when I went for my run this morning.  Diana and I agreed that we'd like to do it again sometime (when it isn't raining at her house).  Now that the challenge is done I need to get back to not losing weight because I'm eating too much crap food.


  1. OH!!! It was fun watching each others steps and I was thinking WHEN is she gonna STOP!!
    You were wearing me down!! LOL But.....I did burn more calories than you!! YIPPEE!!! I burned 3651.
    We both won sorta.
    Note to myself: Next time check the weather forecast!! lol
    We will do it again later....anyone else wanna join in?? Its fun...really.


  2. Hari OM
    OH my word you knocked spots (cals) off each other! It is interesting to find what each body responds best to and how each reacts to the others' styles. congrats to both. Hope you enjoyed the 'break in service' and all revved up for return to 'normal'.
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  3. You both are winners - for making the effort. Two my coworkers do the same thing. One of them was usually VERY sedentary, but they won the challenge. It was jokingly said that he must have put his fitbit on his dog and released him out with the squirrels. Still it's good to say colleagues and friends making that effort as we get older. Congratulations to both of you.


  5. Holy Smokes, that's some intense stepping...and calorie burning! Way to go ladies! Remind me to never ever accept a challenge from either of you. Ever. LOL -Amanda

  6. Great Job!!! Hubby and I were just talking about riding today and how we haven't(except once)and how we need to.
    Normally, we ride a 20 mile ride every couple of weeks during the summer, but last year never made it and I'm wondering about this year. I'm so impressed with you-way to go. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen


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