Sunday, June 14, 2015


Yes YAM, there were a lot of peanuts yesterday.  And it likely would have been even WORSE if I wasn't posting photos!  Self control is an issue when it comes to certain things with me and nuts are (just) one of them.  

I posted yesterday's photos from my phone.  I just never did make it to the computer and I was curious how they were going to look since that is what I'll have to do when we are on vacation soon.  The pictures are very large.  Is anyone having a problem with them being too big?  I'm not sure if I can make them smaller from my phone.  The fact I am running several blogs (this one, M&S, POTP, and BDA) sometimes complicates things.  

I always have a root beer barrel during church.

For lunch I ate my sandwich before I remembered to take the photo.  Normally I would rotate the photo but I had just found out about Sasha and I felt a bit twisted.

As we are getting ready to leave in a few days, we just found out the batteries were dead on the little wheelie house so we had to make a quick run to Costco for new batteries.  Hubby waited for me to get ready to go while I did some quick posts for Sasha.

Coffee Break

We had to groom the boys today.  I wanted their hair to be short since they will be getting extra dirty while on our vacation.  By the time we finished I just nuked a veggie patty.

Tomorrow is our long run.  I feel awful for Shash'a mom.  For never having met her we sure fell in love with her!

That's a wrap.


  1. Hari OM
    I was incredibly shaken by the news of Sasha too... I was only just getting proper visits in over at her place, because of the rodeo... I cannot but feel for Anne...

    Having attended stalls at various sorts of functions, I know that nuts and raisins and such like are the handiest nibbles - and actually perfectly healthy. No trubs with the photos - am super impressed you could do that (says the cellphonophobe...) Ooooh you just reminded me I have cottage cheese to use up; am headed off to Edinburgh again later today, for two maybe three nights, so need to clear the fridge a bit...
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  2. I thought that nuts were good for you? No problem with pics here, they seem fine.
    I feel so bad for Anne too, as I know just how she feels when it suddenly comes on. Jazzi was like here one day and gone the next. Hope you had a good long run.


  3. I you take in borders? I love your meals they are always so appetizing...
    Have a very fun and safe trip. Hugs madi and mom


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