Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 We got up early to try and beat the heat.  Ha!  Didn't work, it got terribly hot anyway.

The "long run kit" (I took the picture the evening before so I could get the goodies packed away, hence the time on the GPS.

 A very well earned coffee and peach tea scones 13 miles later!

 Lunch, PB&J this time.  BTW Diana, nuts are healthy, generally almonds or walnuts.  Peanuts are too salty and they all are high in calories.

Tomorrow is the get-ready-to-leave-frenzy day.  So soon the photos will probably be in weird order cuz posting from my phone is not so user friendly!

So ended Monday


  1. Oophs, my speed reading had you eating 13 peach scones!!!! Sounds amazing but you'd need more than 13 miles to work that lot off!!!!

  2. Hari OM
    Cheese on toast for me tonight... and dreaming of actually being able to bake croissants a la chef LeFay...


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