Saturday, June 6, 2015


I am sooooo looking forward to later this summer when I have fresh fruit and veggies readily available (why so limited in Scotland?)!  I actually have planted 3 tomato plants.  Hopefully all these blooms will produce lots of big tomatoes!

OK, the day started out normal.

Then hubby started mass producing spinach & mushroom calzones (Weight Watcher recipe).  We are planning what we'll take with us on our upcoming trip and calzones freeze and reheat well.  I found a butternut squash that I forgot I had and MIGHT actually do some cooking later today (or tomorrow).  I made soup with the one before and still have some (soup) in the freezer so I might try a new recipe.

I decided today would be the day I'd cut a few leaves off my basil plant for my lunch sandwich.  My "garden" is actually in the flower beds.  Since Murphy & Stanley have the backyard it was my only alternative.  Although I did plant some corn in the backyard but the odds of it living are not high.

 What better to have with all those tomatoes?

And something else that would be delicious . . . 

And finally (forgot to get pics of the basil plants) . . . 

OK, so I picked a few basil leaves and was so excited to have them on my sandwich (it also had cheese and tasteless tomato on it) . . .

Yes, I completely ate it before I remembered to take the photo.  But it was delicious!  For Cpffee Break I succumbed to the lure of those peach scones.

We went back to Costco today cuz I decided I needed some bath towels.  And guess what they were still sampling?

For supper er had the spinach & mushroom calzones.  But I actually did make the butternut squash dish and I wanted to know if it was any good to had some of that too.  It was very good.  I substituted the 1/2 cup mayo with hummus and it was great.

That's a wrap.


  1. Calzones . . . . how I miss these things. I am so excited our veggie share from a local organic farm starts in 2 weeks, I LOVE the fresh produce! I am not a gardener.

  2. Fresh veggies are so good. Ill be glad to eat my pen too.


  3. Fresh veggies are so good. Ill be glad to eat my pen too.


  4. Hari Om's a climate thing... Local (as in at least Scottish) fruit and veg consists only of those things which grown in cold damp weather; ergo lots of roots like tatties, swedes, parsnips, carrots; plenty of brassicas right enough and I do love my brassicas; Scottish berries are only available about six weeks of the year - if the weather has permitted a cropping...... Apples and pears are aplenty - but I cannot eat apples.

    Everything else is imported. This was one of the things my 'food rant' was about; variety is there, but the fruits and veges which arrive have been picked early, artificially and control ripened and are very expensive.

    In OZ/India, all the tropical fruit and veg varieties are grown in country, generally fresh to shelf (though as the big markets hit there, this is also changing) and the seasons are respected. I have pretty much given up eating even the organic fair trade bananas here, because they just do not taste the same, and I made the mistake of buying a cantaloupe two weeks back - I waited and waited and waited and when I cut it a few days back it was still not really ripe and tasted like soap powder....

    I do succumb and purchase the Spanish Blueberries, the Kenyan green beans, the Dutch salad items... because I would go crazy otherwise. I have (since your post on toms) been thinking about the possibility of turning my bow window into a green house and try to source some chilli plants, dwarf toms, maybe a zucchini vine..... that would get the neighbours whispering!!!

    Love the look of the squash dish (ours come from Brazil - sigh); in terms of calories, there would be not a lot if difference to mayo - but the flavour and texture I think would be much better and overall food value definitely boosted! Yummo.

    Eyes-on...YAM xx


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