Friday, June 5, 2015


A few sips of the Diet Coke with breakfast is an instant tip off that today is a running day (and that it's warm outside).  On Fridays we run 6 miles and take Murphy and Stanley with us. In case you might wonder why they only go with us on Fridays, mostly it's that the distance may be a bit too much on other days.  However, another reason is that they stop so often for sniffs and to read pee mail.  So breakfast is the usual.

And my chew of course.

After we got back from running I was really hungry so I enjoyed some cantaloupe.  I also had my coffee and read the morning newspaper.

While I was reading the newspaper, hubby said he needed to run to the store to pick up an air filter for this truck. He seemed to be gone a long time and when he got back and walked into the house his arms were overflowing with grocery bags. (We just went grocery shopping yesterday.)  It seems he made a few extra stops. One of the things he brought back was a dozen donuts. 

Now remember, it was just a few days ago that he bought the pie and made quick work of it. Now he was going to go through the donuts like a tornado in Oklahoma. And on top of this, he has the nerve to not gain an ounce. You may have seen him in photos. He isn't fat or even overweight. It's a good thing my mama never told me life was fair cuz it sure isn't! 

I spent the rest of the morning doing "chores and duties" . Lunch brought no surprises other than a few slices of another tasteless tomato on the sandwich.

In case you're wondering why the photos are square today it's because I am shooting the photos through my "S-View".  It's a case that fits over the cell phone with a smart window that allows you to use the phone (some features) without opening it.  It also allows you to take photos without opening the case but it makes them square to fit Instagram.  I don't do Instagram but was curious about the photos. It does some other things too.

Saw these veggie corn dogs in the store and decided to try them out.  Not too bad considering they are a junk food.  Are supper on the little saucer plate again.

I really feel good about today.  I really wanted a treat from the bakery and we were driving right past it but I told hubby to just keep on going.  Normally we would have stopped and I likely would have gotten a dessert bread (banana nut bread or chocolate chip banana bread).

So hubby celebrated National Donut Day without any help from me!


  1. LOL Gee....I just hafta look at those donuts and gain 10 lbs. lol Yah I unfair!!
    Don and I went to the store to get a couple things and he picked up some Oreos, chips etc.
    I told him Just Keep walking lol
    I said Good thing I don't take you grocery shopping, he would really drive up my bill!! plus.....I did NOT have any Oreo cookies!! I can say they were vanilla ones and I don't like vanilla ones lol . Now chocolate, this might be a different conversation.
    BTW...I love Duck Dynasty!!!


  2. Hari Om
    ...aahhhh YOU drove past the store, but hubby had to go back - which meant he worked a few more minutes to make room for the reward! Heheheh,,, I actually, I would much rather have the cantaloupe (musk melon, rock many names around the globe) - it is one of my absolute faves. However, as you will have read over at my place, getting decent fruit in Scotland is a bit of a chore!

    I didn't even notice the squareness till you mentioned. Ever the observant one...
    Eyes-on &*} YAM xx

  3. One of my coworkers brought in donuts for everyone at work yesterday. Because of the whole no gluten thing, I could not partake:( I admit sweets are my weakness. I LOVE sugar! However, I could also live on Brussel Sprouts and asparagus - which is kind of weird!


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