Monday, June 29, 2015


OK, how does this work?  I turned the pics into a collage.  I decided I am going to try and eliminate the afternoon coffee break.  We didn't do it while on vacation and that is typically when I fall for the temptation of tea scones (however they are "authorized on a long run day).  The two smaller pics are Costco samples.  Now I need to work on getting things in the right order on the collage.

I'm also no longer going to take a photo of sugar free gum and no-calorie drinks.  Just tweaking the system!  Hopefully tomorrow while I'm melting from the heat a pound will melt off too!

I actually got through the mound of laundry, ran errands, bathed doods, and even found time to get my hair cut.  It has been a busy day!  OK, that's a wrap!


  1. Are you on ice cream withdrawal yet?? lol
    Theres always alot to do after you get home from vacation!


  2. No watermelon...they were strawberries!!


  3. Gosh, you deserve to have lost a pound or two after your busy day!
    I find washing and drying one dog exhausting enough and you've got two!

  4. Hari OM
    Yup all the housework will have helped! Love the 'mosaic'... this is as much fun as anything, being inventive with food photography! Photo of the hair style would count as a side-attraction.....
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  5. OMy word you were deserve a treat tonight
    Hugs madi and mom!!!


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