Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 10

I was really disappointed in not being able to do the full 13 miles on Monday and then our run for Wednesday was a wash out too.  I was getting to feeling a bit crazy but luckily we got a nice window this morning and were able to get a run in.  I'm glad to be able to finally burn off some calories!

The usual fare.
For some reason I always take a piece of sugarless gum when I go running.  I suspect it is a carry over from years ago when I quit smoking and chewed gum to help me break the habit.
Again the usual.  I bought 2 basil plants and am looking forward to basil & tomato sandwiches this summer.  It sure is aromatic!  I'm hoping to plant them this afternoon.
Coffee Break

Tofu "fish" filets with Garden Medley (mostly green beans)


I'm mindful of the fact that looking at photos of what I eat can be boring so I thought I'd throw in photos I took for you on our run this morning.
We start off with a few miles in the neighborhood,
Then we go onto a trail.  I am NOT a trail runner (I like to keep my shoes clean - lol).  I consider this more of an urban trail.
Parts of the trail are asphalt but most of it is gravel.  There are some dirt parts and they were muddy today.
We said hello to the goats.
Parts of the trail borders folk's back yards. 
The trail ends at Mountain Road.  I really like running Mountain Road cuz it is rolling hills.  It is part of our Monday run.
This is where the trail meets Mountain Road.  So we turn around and run another 2 miles back to our house (at the foot of the mountain).  
Ah! Feels so good!


  1. Hari OM
    There I was thinking the food fotos were getting prettier and tastier and you threw in such scenery!!! Very lovely place. I'm off to make porridge now &*>
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. Your run looks amazing, so much better than my pavements and houses!
    Its amazing how much it throws you out when you don't get your full mileage in! Here's hoping for some better weather and enjoyable runs!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. This is so funny because i absolutely can not work out without gum...Mentos gum is my favorite, it's sugar free of course.
    I am no runner but if i had those views to look out i MIGHT consider running...if zombies are after me. Don't get me wrong, i do my cardio but after my soccer days were over, i just haven't had the desire.


  4. There are worse habits then chewing gummy! What a beautiful place to run.

  5. Aww..I dont think that I will ever say that it feels good lol
    Love the views!!



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