Tuesday, June 27, 2017

No Photos

It would probably be better to write this post later today or even tomorrow.  That way I could give you the photo you are likely to REALLY want to see after you read what I have to say.  Here are my shocking words . . . I'm getting a perm today!

Yup, gonna do it.  I have had about a zillion perms in my history and loved every one of them.  This time there are 2 things that are different though.  First, I have a whole bunch of perm-resisting gray hair.  And secondly, my hair is shorter than it has ever been with a perm.  Does a Brillo pad come to mind lol!

I have absolutely no talent whatsoever in "doing" my hair.  It is so fine and straight that all it wants to do is lay flat against my head, like one of those cheap dolls that have molded plastic hair instead of real hair.  Unless I can coach some lift into my hair I feel like my head look like a pea on a watermelon.  And, the notion of "wash & wear" is very appealing to me.

So I'm going to get an eye exam this morning (new reading glasses), then my appointment is at 1pm.

Anything's possible - LOL!



  1. Hari OM
    Okay... but there WILL be photos, right???
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. LOL I cant wait to see the photos!! Im sure that you will still be the beautiful YOU!!!


  3. I got talked into a perm as a young woman. The problem was I already HAD somewhat curly hair, they just told me it would give it some "direction and shape". What it did was give me almost an Afro. My stepmom had fine, pretty hair like yours. She LOVED her perms.

  4. Like LBJ I had a perm when I was in college, my hair was wavy before hand and I looked like a mushroom head for 3 months...I peeked at your hair on FB today and even after your run it looks great on you!!


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