Thursday, July 14, 2016


I feel like I should put up a post so my mind is drawn back to this blog, but I really don't have too much to say.  I've ONCE AGAIN rededicated myself to the 10 pound quest and am on the 3rd day.  So far, so good.  I'm throwing in a few photos to entertain you.

This photo is a few years old but for some reason I like it.  Probably cuz I weighed at my 155 goal when it was taken.

Weight has been the monkey on my back for my whole life.  Facebook has been reminding me lately that 15 years ago we buried my mother.  How weird is it that I remember when I hung up the phone from the "Come now!" phone call that my first thought was, "Thank goodness I only weigh 157 pounds". Now that has got to tell you how deeply rooted this problem is!  Who thinks that way?  Ahem . . . that would be me.

Taken a few years ago after completing a 16 mile hike to the peak of Mt. Ben Lomond (located across the street from our house.)
 I'm pretty sure I'm going to take these issues to my grave, (or more correctly, to my oven since I've elected cremation).  Despite the fact I'm an intelligent person, this issue is beyond my comprehension. I think the only way I've been able to rein it in (considering my prior years of obesity) is that I've given up trying to sort it out.  I just have that 155 number in my head and must continue working towards it.  I'm OK with that, it has given me the best results . . . even if the reasoning is a bit whacked.  And so I carry on . . .



  1. Hari OM
    ...fair enough! Redirecting... I didn't realise you lived near Ben Lomond... for I do too. The original of course! Keep on keeping on...
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

  2. Well i knew we'd had a GREAT time at Leah's Tower when we got home and I stood on the scales, *sigh*
    Yep, back on the wagon again

  3. Carol, I'm reminded that we are our own worst enemies. Seeing you in person, I can't imagine you having to lose any weight at all-you looked perfect to me. I wish I had a couple of more inches so my legs would look trimmer. Of course, I gained a few lbs with our friends, and although I've walked this week, I haven't power walked or ridden my bike. Got to get out and do it! I see my Dr. tomorrow and that should be interesting. Sending you hugs and encouragement.

  4. The amount of physicality you live your life with is impressive. With really bad arthritis in both knees (and a double D breast size) running just wasn't for me but I'm loving the cardio and boxing my trainer has me do in addition to the weights.


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