Saturday, November 7, 2015


Running is very helpful in dealing with my eating.  Although I can easily out eat my calorie burn, if I am eating like a "normal" person and just do a bit of a splurge, a nice run can save me from the penalty of the indulgence.  Besides, it really clears my head too.  

Over the years I have found answers to things that puzzled me come much more easily if I am running.  I think it is like a very active meditative state.  I can only get there is it is a long run.  A few miles won't do it.

When I was working, I often resolved liability issues and mentally did interviews during my runs. When I stopped working I actually had a problem figuring out what to do with my mind during a run.  I would laugh and tell my hubby, "I need a problem to think about!"

But the real reason I am posting this picture is because I was quite surprised to notice that I have gone completely gray.  I think it's interesting how we can look at ourselves every day and not see a true reflection of what we look like. Oh, I guess that is a whole other topic!

Staying Steady


  1. I admire your commitment to running. I am more a walker! Keep going forward!

  2. Your hair is lovely - I only have a few strands of grey at 57, and I was wishing it would just turn so I didn't have to touch it up every month.

    Walking for me is a challenge. I've pretty much NO meniscus in the right knee and lots of arthritis where it used to be. I was not much of a runner before, though I did it to pass my PT's for work. Sporting a "D" cup, even the sport bras that made me look like I was expecting an assassination attempt didn't make the experience comfortable. But I do swimming now and used to do a lot of biking to get my exercise. What is my "zen" moments is baking, where I'm kneading loaf after loaf with the same repetition of movement and thought.

    Of course, then you have to EAT the bread :-)

  3. I envy you for your running. I do a lot of speed walking and I have bought a pair of speed walking poles and they give me a great workout! I will think about you on my next speed walk. I just let my mind wander "herth and yan" on my clears my head!! :)

  4. Ohhhh mom thinks about stuffs when she walks too.
    Mom recently noticed she has a patch of gray furs right in the middle of her bangs. I might start calling her Skunk
    Hugs madi and mom

  5. I admire your running but it is so hard for me to do. I think when Im sleeping lol
    60 and no gray here yet!!



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