Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thinkin' About Stuff

 OK, this post isn't REALLY about losing weight but it is about losing weight (stuff).  As you may know, I had a yard sale yesterday.  I planned on doing it all summer long and finally got around to doing it.  The money I made off it (about $450) was nothing compared to how good it felt to get rid of stuff!

I started out with gathering a pile of stuff and making the decision of what was no longer needed or wanted, and then a bit deeper with wondering if I can actually part with something.  It wasn't too hard putting something in the pile, but then I had to price it.  I had to assess a value and then lower it so someone else would buy it.  During the yard sale I had to lower many prices even more in order to move the stuff.  As the morning wore on, the stuff got less and less valuable. More things were discounted and put in the "FREE" pile.  And finally, at the the end of the day, I determined that none of it had any value and the left overs would go to charity.

So this morning as I further pontificated my stuff (or ex-stuff), I made the decision to get rid of 1 thing each day.  Whether it be to the trash, donation, or gifting, I am committing to decreasing my stuff by 1 item each day (large or small).  My biggest worry is to actually remember to do it but I am making the initial goal of doing it through the end of the year. So here is Day 1:

I'm taking these little stone critters to church with me to give away.  I like turtles because they remind me of how important "slow and steady" actually is to attaining a goal.  I thought it was fitting for a start.



  1. Hari OM
    ....Carol, this is a perfect underpinning to being '10 again'; releasing in this way restores a level of inner freedom very profound; trust me on this one!!! And those extra dollars are not to be sneezed at.

    Interestingly, when I had my complete uprootment, I just put everything out for the weekend with signs saying why, with no prices on anything. I was glad just to have it taken away... but several folk happily 'donated'; to them the stuff had value. It's a wonderful world!
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  2. I got rid of even more moving from the crash pad condo to home full time, now that I'm actually living and working in the same city. It felt good to get down to just those few things we need to be comfortable or to remember family who are gone.

  3. I applaud your great idea to eliminate something every day. A great plan. I am still trying to let go of more of my "Treasures" but I have kind of gotten down to having just precious memories of friends and family and I told my husband I just can't give away any thing more for awhile. I don't want to live with the regret of never finding that item again. But I must continue to try to make sure I really love an item or do I want empty space more! We have moved downstairs into a smaller apartment so I feel the need to find without anything in it to dust or put up to a safe spot when company stops by. I may give your plan some more thought. Posting a photo every time I do will encourage me to do more I hope!! Good luck to you too!! Gail

  4. Besides dog blogs, I read a lot of financial/minimalist blogs (and podcasts). There is a huge movement to "declutter" or to only be meaningful with what you keep. I have been slowly doing similar things. Last month I removed one item a day, plus when my sister said she would sell things at a garage sale, added some extras. I do plan on a day at home (work days are longer now), I am going to gather another 30 items to go. Slow and steady!


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