Friday, September 18, 2015

Jars & RV Show

OK, first things first, today's Item-a-Day Reduction Program offering:

jars, sox, slippery (worn out and I slip off them).

Now, an update on the RV Show.  First stop was at the RV store where we have been talking with a salesman regarding a particular unit that we planned to order so that we could get the free standing dinette.  We've already visited all the dealers and looked a 87 million units and know this was the one we wanted.  We were just waiting for the RV show to see if the manufacturer was offering any discounts or incentives.  Unfortunately, the manufacture was not only NOT offering any incentives but had a 10 percent price increase that would affect us when we ordered!  (The units that the RV dealer was selling were purchased before the price increase.)  Oh crap!  So we left the RV shop and headed to the show with plans to meet the salesman there later.  At the show they brought the unit we wanted.  The only issue was that it had the booth setup, not the dinette that I REALLY wanted.

They were offering it for the same price as when it was on the sales lot so clearly they were looking to reduce inventory.  We'd already talked about the price of this unit and we were told it was already heavily discounted in anticipation of the RV show so they probably couldn't do much better.  Oh crap!

They had 2 units available, but this one was the only one that had the upgrades we wanted (camera, better cabinetry, recliners instead of swivel chair, couch that pulled out into bed, solid surface countertops, etc.

So at that point we were faced with the decision of either ordering the unit and paying a couple thousand more, or deciding that the stand alone dinette was not worth ordering through the price increase.  Another thing that the manufacturer changed (the dealer was just finding out about this too) was that the packages all changed so instead of getting certain things in a designated package, some were now included and others were not and would need purchased separately.  Oh crap!

We had already decided that this was THE unit we wanted.  It was equipped exactly as we wanted with the exception of the dinette. So we were going to get it either way.  The only question was whether we were going to pay through the nose for it.  Our original plan was to order it in November and it would arrive in January.  I have money I can withdraw without any penalty in November and by paying for it in January we would defer the taxes on that money for a year.  So now we had to consider if we wanted to pay a few thousand more by waiting.  Well, we did the only thing we could do . . . we started negotiating the price, the one they said they couldn't really move on since it was already discounted.  If this unit slipped between our fingers we were stuck ordering it at the higher price.  But if they really knew how badly we wanted it they would never give an inch.  Luckily, they knew I REALLY wanted that stand alone dinette and realized they could NOT satisfy that requirement for me..  They checked to see if another unit had one they could swap out but the only ones that did had different fabric. Luckily they really wanted to sell the unit and reduce their inventory over the winter months.  Luckily, hubby and I know how to play "Good Cop/Bad Cop" in these situations.

Luckily we sealed the deal for $1,000 less than their "non-negotiable" price just minutes before another salesman came in the trailer with another couple who wanted to buy it.

It's official, we have a new wheelie house!  We will be picking it up sometime next week.  Whew!  Glad that's over!


  1. Hari OM
    WTG on the bargaining!!! All I can say is..... caravanning has moved on light years from when we had the Sprite 5 berth....... and the tent for the overflow!
    Eyes-on... YAM xx

    pee ess... oh those empty jars - they accumulate, heh na? Got a few lurking here...

  2. Glad your negotiating worked out for you. The wheelie house looks fantastic. Can mum and I stay there with you if and when we can finally do some travelling?


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