Saturday, August 22, 2015


I deleted yesterday's post because I never finished it.  I went to dinner with some girlfriends and had a veggie burrito and then when I got home forgot to update it.  So it wasn't a great day, not a bad day.  Anyway . . .

Today we decided to get up early and go for a run.  It is still smoky and the air is still bad but we are going nuts being so sedentary.  What if this became a habit?  

So when the alarm went off early this morning I could smell smoke right away.  Bob said he couldn't but when he went out to get the newspaper he said it was really strong.  Not being able to see anything since it was still dark we figured that meant the air was even worse so we went back to bed.

Three hours later I awoke, flipped on the news and found out there was a house fire during the night. So now we've decided we are going for a run tonight once it cools off.  The current weather forecast says that the smoke should clear out on Wednesday.  Hmmmm, I've heard that before!  FYI, there are like 45 wildfires that are pumping smoke into the atmosphere right now.

Strawberry, banana & apple smoothie (Jamba Juice)

Supper's gonna be a bit weird but I knew I was going to run in a bit . . .

The air was terrible!  But I did get a 7 miler done.  Probably shouldn't have but . . . 



  1. Hari OM
    Glad you got a run in... do you find that such smoky atmosphere makes EVERYTHING feel dry and dessicated? I felt like I was being kippered whenever we had local fires in Sydney...
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  2. I have never lived in an area that is smoky for that long. It sounds scary. Glad you were able to sneak in a little run. Be safe!

  3. Dad was commenting on the air up in Washington being bad as well, not so much where he lives but where another family member is. Praying for some cooler weather and rain out that way.


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