Sunday, July 5, 2015


I must confess that last night, just minutes before I was going to brush my teeth and go to bed, I grabbed a banana and did NOT add it to my post.  Then this morning I ate my breakfast and once I was looking at an empty bowl remembered I forgot to take a photo.  So here is what it was (the usual):

Looks like the bananas are getting too ripe!

I wonder what is going on in my mind because after forgetting to take a photo for breakfast, I forgot again with lunch!

It was the same lunch as always so I thought it would be easy to visualize with my drawing.  You can probably discern why I did not pursue art as a career (or even pastime lol).

Ut oh . . . had to go to the store to buy milk and also got some chips to go with that guacamole.  No good can come of this.  

We are going to our granddaughter's birthday party later today.  So I am sure there will be some cake and ice cream.  Even when I try not eat it she enjoys serving so I can't deny her that pleasure (see how I made that into a selfless act?).  See mentally I am telling myself that I am running it off with the long run tomorrow.  I need to focus on the fact that I can out eat my calorie burn before I actually burn it.  These are the very reasons it takes me 3 years to lose 8 pounds!

How could I resist?

Yup, a double nacho day.

That better be a wrap!


  1. Was that CAKE???? Uh oh, I'm drooling!

  2. Hari Om
    There is entertainment in your justifications at least! May have mentioned before, but will say again - cake I can resist; but cornchips and gwalk? I'm a total sucker for such...
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  3. WOW!! Cake and a double nacho day all in one?? WHAT are you thinking?? lol


  4. I've enjoyed your drawings and icons they make me laugh :-)

  5. ahhhhhhhhhh I could not resist anything served by your darling granddaughter either. I expect her offerings only have 1/2 the calories of anything else.
    Hugs Cecilia


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