Monday, June 1, 2015

Weigh In & Long Run Day

OK, first things first.  I know that it is totally normal for weight to fluctuate.  This is NOT my first rodeo.  I am sad to say that I am very experienced at these things.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed that when I weighed in this morning, on what I had designated as my "official weigh in day" that it didn't hurt to see I was actually UP (4 tenths) from last week.  So I reminded myself that these things take time.  After all, it isn't like I am on a strict calorie reduction or something.  But it sure would have been nice to see some validation of my efforts reflected on that scale.  Oh well, it is what it is . . .

I want to say that I really appreciate the comments regarding expectations.  I find them to be very supportive.  And concerning the comment about honesty, I think that is critical to the success (or failure) of this blog as a tool to help me rein in my eating and ultimately lose weight.  I assume that at some point I will have an out-of-control evening and eat enough to totally embarrass myself.  It is my intention to take photos of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Anyway, back with the program . . .

So today is our long run day.  We hadn't gotten the full 13 miles (20.9K) in for 2 weeks so it was important to get the job done today.  The rain is history and today's forecast was warmth and sunshine.  So I set the alarm for 6:00 am.  Any coolness we could catch before the sun came over the mountain would be worth getting up early (and we decided that it still wasn't early enough).

As usual, I packed up my root beer barrel and (twelve) Life Saver Gummies.  And of course I need my chew!

 Now before I show you breakfast I have to explain something . . . On these warmer temperature run mornings, the plan is basically to have everything ready the night before, roll out of bed, and get out on the road. To put as little time as possible between the comfort of the covers to the sound of our feet hitting the pavement.  So there is no time for coffee.  BUT, I do need (want) a little bit of caffeine in my system to help move me along.  So yes, there is a Diet Coke with my cereal.  I only drink half of it and then finish it off later in the day.

So we're out the door and make the mile and half drive to our starting point.  If you saw it you wouldn't wonder why we drive there.  We do NOT want to end a 13 mile (20.9K) run with this steep upward climb.  We climb enough hills in our run without it.  Anyway, here is Mountain Road.  It's the one I said we ran on the other day that is rolling hills.  It is in the second half of our Monday run.  All our hill work comes from running UP to this road.

And in case you're wondering if we got the full distance in today, yes we did!

I can't believe the photo does not show that I was covered in salt!  The first thing I do is hit the shower!  And the second thing I do is have lunch (PB&J this time).

And this time I earned those peach scones for Coffee Break!

Normally I would have a ton of garlic bread but I omitted it.

I wanted a shake or a giant cone with about 6 scoops of different types of ice cream but settled for a single scoop.

And that was my day.


  1. Well done!!! You ARE doing really well
    Don't be disheartened, the weight loss will come just give you body time...don't whatever your do give up!!!!!
    You are inspiring me to get out to run a bit further again (was getting lazy) but...will have to wait for my stupid back to sort itself again, I think the charge through the underground stations on hard concrete on my daily commute isn't doing me any good at all!!

  2. Hari Om
    hmmmm wonder if the two weeks of pared back running could account for the small upwards drift? that was the only thing different I think... Congrats on getting the full run this time!
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  3. Congrats on the run.
    I think if I shared with you what I eat on a "hungry" day, you would fall over. I can eat!
    My biggest issue with eating is that I don't really cook. I make something for my lunches for the week (a pot of soup or chill or such) but if my husband is out (he is an AMAZING cook) I eat things like toast or popcorn for dinner. Currently he has undertaken a weight loss journey of his own and we are eating healthier which is good.
    Keep at it, you can do it!

  4. I hate weight gain too. Luckily mine showed the same. Some smart person told me.....its a marathon not a sprint lol


  5. I hate weight gain too. Luckily mine showed the same. Some smart person told me.....its a marathon not a sprint lol



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