Thursday, June 18, 2015


A day driving. We ended up at the most bug infested place in the world! No Internet play night. On the road to the coast!


  1. I WANT your breakfast!!!!!
    Have a great time on the coast, have funs!

  2. Hari OM
    OOhhhhhh camperers' foodables... I just got back from a hurried road trip to Edinburgh.... don't feel like cooking. Shreddies and nanas looking like a good idea for me too &*>
    Eyes-on...YAM xx

  3. Most bug infested place doesn't sound good at all, hope you get past THAT one quick.
    Bananas are the best...and if you're interested here's one of my favorite ways to eat them:
    Toast yourself up a slice of bread of your choice. Smear a little peanut butter on it. Slice your banana and stick that one there too. Drizzle a little honey, sprinkle a little cinnamon and....YUMMY.

  4. Move right on from the bug infested place!! lol



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