Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday (Day 12)

I made a few decisions.  I think I am going to quit titling the posts after a day number.  Eventually I am going to mess up on the day numbers (since I have to look them up) so I might as well abandon it now.  Besides, when I go on vacation in a few weeks my posts will be done from my cell phone so they will be a more stripped down version (but hopefully with other fun photos).  

The other thing is that I think I'm going to post weight changes every 2 weeks.  My loss is going to be very slow and it will likely take that long to lose a whole pound lol!  But that's OK.  I believe ANYTHING down is good.

Breakfast, the usual (with weave effect).

Usual lunch (with page turn & edge effects).

OK - kind of boring "old timey" effect for coffee break PB&J.  As you can see from the magazine, the Doods are in for some fun.

Egg Plant (with a titch of hummus) & Brussels Sprouts

Dang, it is so hard to try and make this look interesting.


  1. It all looks good to me. Love the special effects. :-)


  2. Loving the special effects!
    Keep it up though, it'll be worth it in the end
    I think you are doing very well at the weekend, thats when I have the worse temptations

  3. Hari OM
    Sounds like a plan to me.... loving the dressups.... and again your supper has me planning mine!!! &*>
    Eyes-on...YAM xx


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