Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day Six

Thanks for your comments and support!  YAM Aunty nailed it when she said that it was a brain thing.  I have always believed if you change what you are thinking then you'll change what you are doing/eating (Beck Diet Solution by Dr. Judith Beck).  And my thinking needs a tune up!  My downfall is between supper and bedtime when I very typically will eat for EVERY reason except hunger. But this blog is really helping. Like I said, I want to do better more often!

Hummus on toast (yesterday was peach tea scones)

Breaded egg plant, new potato, cauliflower


  1. I have trouble in the evenings too. I dont want to take a picture so I drink a glass of water lol


  2. Hari OM
    Oh Hey... that's my kinda supper!!! ...and thanks for revealing the 'mystery item'! hehehe...I love how you are colour popping these piccies - this can add to the fun of making food an object to observe and not merely something for consumption.

    Eyes-on, YAM xx


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